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In What Ways Can A Truck Wreck Attorney Help?

In What Ways Can A Truck Wreck Attorney Help?

Getting involved in a semi-truck accident can be devastating. Consequently, you should enlist an experienced truck wreck attorney.

After an accident like this, people usually make a mistake – they take longer than usual to see an attorney and consider litigation. In this difficult time, with personal injuries and other damages, you must resort to an attorney to proceed on the right path.

Why Should You Hire a Truck Wreck Attorney?

According to Atlanta Truck Wreck Attorney, accidents involving any commercial vehicle, such as wreck trucks, are complicated. It takes both knowledge and experience to navigate this legal system. Only a skilled attorney can determine the course of action suitable for your case.  From investigations to expert recruitment and evidence presentation, an attorney is required at every stage.

When you have to decide whether to hire an attorney, consider the experience of the attorney in these matters. Usually, trucking companies have a team of attorneys for protection from paying fortunes for negligence. In such cases, be judicious and don’t choose just any lawyer. Only consider a lawyer having expertise in truck wreck accidents.

Some legal firms are recognized all over for their expertise in diverse fields. Confirm how many cases they have handled and the results they produced.

Issues Affecting A Case

A common person is usually unaware of different statutes of limitations and laws that govern personal injury. When people go unrepresented, it is only likely that their cases would be dismissed without any compensation due to lacking evidence.

Several factors could affect the result of the case. Only an experienced truck wreck attorney can guide you through the legalities.

Trucking Attorneys Do These Things:

  • Determine Liability: Your attorney is responsible in determining the liabilities of a personal injury, suffering, or loss. In some cases, your attorney may hold multiple parties responsible for damages such as the truck driver, manufacturer of the truck, truck owner, and company/person who leased the truck, manufacturer of the parts, and loader/shipper of the cargo’s truck. Your attorney would aim to prove the negligence of the driver is the accident that occurred due to reckless driving or failure to adhere to the safety regulations.
  • Collect Evidence: The trucking attorney is responsible for coordinating the investigation of the truck accident following a wreck. Besides investing the accident scene and collecting evidence, an attorney also examines the following:
  • Qualification, employment history, alcohol and drug tests of the truck driver
  • Insurance and carrier information of the trucking company
  • Inspection of the truck involved in an accident
  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Medical records of a personal injury sustained
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) of the truck
  • Navigate Federal Regulations & Truck Laws: When you hire a truck attorney, it ensures that you are fully aware of the federal regulations and deadlines affecting the case. An attorney would understand the dealings with the insurance companies, truck businesses, and cargo companies.
  • Identify All Damages: You can seek compensation for damages – major injury, minor injury, and property damage. An experienced attorney can guide you to choose the right type of damages to get compensation.

A truck wreck attorney is responsible for all of this and much more. Always consider an experienced and professional attorney for such cases.

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