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Treating Minor Beauty Injuries and What to Do Next

Treating Minor Beauty Injuries and What to Do Next

Beauty injuries can happen anytime. This is true even if you avail of the services of beauty experts. There are ways to treat the problems and prevent them from getting worse. Here are some solutions to help you out.

First-degree burn

This can happen because of a curling iron. Your hairdresser might accidentally place the curling iron on your neck or close to your scalp. When this happens, you just have to wrap ice in a towel or a thin cloth. Apply it directly to the burnt areas to lower the temperature. Apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected part and cover it with a bandage to avoid infection.

Irritated skin

This can happen after having a facial or trying out a new product from a beauty clinic. Solve it by washing off the cream or any other product used right away. A fragrance-free soap would help. Apply hydrocortisone cream to prevent inflammation. You may also take anti-histamine if the itchiness is getting worse or there are red spots all over. If the problem continues over the next few days, seek help from your doctor.


Fungal infection

You will know if you are suffering from this condition if you see yellowish discolouration in your nails. Your nails will start separating from the skin or even crumble. This can happen after having a pedicure, especially if your nails were not properly handled during the process. To solve the problem, use an antifungal cream. You should also cut your nails short so that the growing nails won’t be affected. Cut the edges too and the ones around the cuticles. This is not really a difficult problem to solve so there is no need to see your doctor unless the problem continues after a month.

Right to compensation

These are just some examples of beauty injuries that could happen to you after seeking beauty treatments. Things could get worse. In some cases, medication could be really expensive. The recovery period might also be long. It might reach a point when you can no longer get back to work. You might even lose your job and your entire savings.

As such, it would be good if you can get help from legal experts like those at They know what they are doing as they are highly competent when it comes to legal battles involving hair and beauty injuries. They will help you so that you can get compensation for what has happened to you. They will fight for you to the end. You just have to compile the evidence, be consistent in your testimony and remain strong even if the other party tries to discredit you.

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