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Professional Legal Services in Northern Arizona

Professional Legal Services in Northern Arizona

It’s common to associate hiring an attorney with stressful life events. In fact, dealing with legal matters can have such a serious impact on mental health, it’s something that mental health professionals consider when treating patients. If you live in Arizona, you may be surprised to learn that on a typical business day in 2014, there were 8,477 cases filed, adding up to over 2 million new cases filed each year.

One way to make legal matters as stress-free as possible is to ensure that you hire trusted, reliable professionals. It also helps to know that there are many proactive reasons to hire an attorney, and when you’re looking for lawyers in Flagstaff AZ, you can find ones who help you deal with a wide range of legal matters. Understanding different legal areas and what they involve can be reassuring, because not all legal issues need to involve appearing in court. Here are a few examples.

Routine legal matters

There are many normal life events that involve attorneys. Forming a good business relationship with a law firm that handles these matters can ensure you are prepared for the future.

Real estate: When individuals or companies buy or sell property, they may need to have inspections completed or consider different factors related to the transaction, such as title transfers or escrow accounts. Lawyers experienced with real estate law can ensure that you understand the process and what your options are.

Estate planning: Ideally, everyone has a will in place so that when they pass, they can ensure that their estate is passed on to the people they choose. People can also turn to estate planning lawyers to help reduce taxes or prepare a living will. Making decisions about how to handle specific medical issues can provide peace of mind. This way, you know that in the event of an accident or serious illness, your family will not have to face difficult choices.

Business issues: When individuals start a business, they need to take legal steps in order to protect their company and ensure that the business is properly established. Attorneys with legal business experience can provide information about the different types of businesses and the benefits and drawbacks of each option. They can also help you navigate a business purchase or sale.

Unexpected legal issues

There are many sudden situations that could require you to hire an attorney. Everything from a car accident to a repair issue in a rental property could lead to legal action.

Family issues: Arizona has a high divorce rate, which means that Arizona residents are more likely to need a divorce lawyer than people living in most other states. Family law attorneys not only help individuals navigate divorce, but can provide expert guidance with related matters, such as custody and child support.

Bankruptcy: More than 31,000 bankruptcy cases were filed in Arizona in 2018. There are many different types of bankruptcy filing options, and expert bankruptcy attorneys are equipped to help you process your options and make the best possible decision for your short-term and long-term financial health.

Collections: When a person owes you money, you may be required to turn to legal professionals in order to ensure payment. Experienced collection attorneys can help you get a judgement and even ensure that a person’s wages are garnished, if necessary, until the debt has been repaid.

Eviction: Landlords may have to address legal matters with tenants. When tenants are violating rental agreements or have not paid rent, it may even be necessary to have the tenants removed from a property. In the event there are legal issues with a tenant, it is a good idea for landlords to hire experienced attorneys who understand landlord-tenant law. A lawyer can help you protect yourself with sound legal decisions as you address matters with problem tenants.

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