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Prepare Yourself with These Tips to Avoid Drink Driving

Prepare Yourself with These Tips to Avoid Drink Driving

If you are someone who drink regularly then it is quite obvious that you are capable of gauging your tolerance level and knowing when you should stop before it is actually too late. But if you misjudge or are not aware of your tolerance or even overdo the same, are not sure of your sobriety and/or planning ahead, then there are myriad ways in preventing an accident safely and effectively. Take a look how,

·       Know the Facts- The content of alcohol present in a glass of wine, beer can or a mixed drink having liquor is almost the same. Always remember alcohol can impair your driving despite being in a low level. The alcohol effect will be compounded when taken together with drugs, legal prescription medications as well as when fatigued.

·       Consuming Food While Drinking- Food rich in protein such as nuts, cheese and meat will help in slowing down the alcohol absorption in the body while carbohydrates will help in absorbing alcohol out of the bloodstream.

·       Sip the Drink- Rather than slamming huge quantities of cheap liquor it is always a better choice in having quality drink and savouring the flavour. When you sip alcohol, it will metabolize through a long time period which will reduce the risk to get drunk.

·       Control the Drink- You should decide what and when to drink. If the glass gets refilled time and again, leave it full. It is always better to ask for non-alcoholic beverage or water for drinking amid your beer or wine. Avoid sticking to above one drink per hour.

·       Move Around- Simply sitting and consuming your drink will lead you nowhere. Try to engage with others, choose food over alcohol, try to go for short walks or go outside.

·       Be Aware- Notice how others are affected due to intake of alcohol. If you are a moderate drinker, you will soon realize after some time how the behaviour of other people change, and how the speech gets slurred. Just think what effect it will have on their driving ability.

·       Plan Ahead- When you plan to drink make it a point to do prior arrangements especially how you will return home. It may include to call a family member, a friend or a cab. It is best in having the phone number of a cab company pre-programmed into the phone. Knowing that their number is handy you will be inclined in calling a cab.

·       Get Help- If drinking is your habit, then you can now get help. There are countless organizations today that offer programs which will help you in reaching home safely as well as help you in fighting the drinking problem at the time of driving. Do not hesitate in getting in touch with them.

Whenever you drive a car you are likely to share the road with drivers impaired by alcohol. By being smart however and by planning ahead and paying attention you can protect yourself against causing an accident as well as be prepared in avoiding a drunk driver.


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