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What if my car accident insurance claim is denied?

What if my car accident insurance claim is denied?

If you don’t know what to do with your car accident insurance claim, it might be time to consult a knowledgeable attorney. People usually panic in these unfortunate situations and they end up making mistakes that can cause loss of loads of money. The insurance company may reject your car insurance claim and you will be left with nothing. If you have any doubts you may be eligible for your claim, don’t hesitate to get an auto accident attorney. His job is to help you get the money you deserve, both legally and fairly. He will make sure all the procedures are being followed correctly and he will represent your case in court if needed.

If your car insurance company denies your car insurance claim or makes unjust obstacles, the lawyer will send them a letter of demand. If this doesn’t bring any results, he may represent you in court for personal injury compensation.

Car Accident Lawyers for Legal Assistance

The positive aspect of hiring an auto accident lawyer is that he knows how to deal with insurance companies better than anyone else and he knows what specific laws apply to your case. He can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and he will be sure to get you the most money you deserve. If the case goes to court, he will defend your rights and interests.

The negative aspect is that you have to pay a big amount of money from your pocket. However, if you win, there is a possibility for the lawyer to get a percentage from whatever amount of money your insurance has agreed on or he won’t charge you for his services at all if you don’t win.

Can a Car Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

Insurance companies are always going to use legal loopholes to avoid paying your compensation. It is up to you to hire the right attorney who can help you to get the compensation that you deserve. Insurance companies can deny your claim in many different ways. First and foremost, they need to prove that you weren’t involved in the car accident.

This may be easy if you weren’t at the accident scene or if you were a passenger in the car, but what about other cases? They may say that you were responsible for the accident because of reckless driving or speeding. They may deny your claim for not having proof of a collision, like a driver’s statement and police report. The insurance company is going to use all possible ways to avoid paying an honest person.

What to do if your claim is denied?

If your claim is denied, the first thing you should do is to contact your insurance company and ask them why they decided to deny it. You can call them and threaten that you are going to sue them if they don’t give you answers. This may be effective because insurance companies will have to pay out of their pocket if they don’t get a judgment from the court, so they may give you an answer.

If phone calls don’t bring results, you should go for all available legal options. Get a lawsuit against an insurance company, a complaint with the Consumer Protection Board, or file a complaint with the state Attorney General’s office.

If you have sufficient evidence proving that it was not your fault that you were injured, then you should go for the lawsuit. Prepare the documentation in case the insurance company denies your insurance claim. The documents should prove that the car accident wasn’t caused by reckless driving or any other reason except personal injury.

It is always better to hire an experienced attorney, who can represent your case in court if needed and can bring justice to those who were wronged by unfair insurance companies.

What to do after a car accident?

The best thing you can do after a car accident is to call the police right away and tell your story to first responders. If it was a minor accident and no one was injured, you may not have to file an insurance claim. Even if your insurance company doesn’t pay out the compensation that you deserve, you will still get the money from the other party’s insurance. You should gather all the information about another driver and take them to court for personal injury compensation.

West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can be very disastrous and it is never a good idea to get involved in them unless you are sure you are no danger to other people and that the accident was not caused by reckless driving. Always turn on your indicator lights before changing lanes and make sure that you don’t speed. The best thing you can do after a car accident is to call the police right away, get medical attention and make all possible documents in case of a lawsuit against the other person’s insurance company.

If your car accident wasn’t that serious and it caused at least some damage to your car or to someone else’s property, then you should contact West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer. The lawyer will help you make all necessary documents in case of a lawsuit against the other person’s insurance company. He will make sure that your insurance company will pay out the compensation you deserve and he can represent you in court if needed.

It might be a bit difficult to make an insurance claim without any documents, but don’t worry too much because the other driver’s insurance will have to pay out anyway unless they prove that it was not their fault, which is pretty hard to do.

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