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Only the Best Lawyers Impress Clients

Only the Best Lawyers Impress Clients

When we opened our law firm we found the greatest group to provide legal representation for those who need help finding justice in our city. We have a diverse group of lawyers on our bench that are waiting to represent clients. There’s never been a better group for me to lead in the courtroom; I feel proud each day I walk into my office. I put my head on my pillow at night, resting easy because I know I’ve recruited a fantastic team of lawyers to work for my firm. If you’re looking for a great group of lawyers, try raising the bar by looking at the best institutions where lawyers go to learn.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out the best place to find someone who practices law, or any other specialized skill is at the institutions that teach those skills to students. Don’t go to just any of the schools when you’re looking for a new lawyer. Go to the places where you’ll find a lawyer at the top of the industry. It’s worth it to recruit a lawyer from one of the top law schools in the country. The training that goes on at the institutions is beyond comparison to what they’re learning at other law schools.

Why would you settle for less? When I have a big client come in, I know what they’re looking for the minutes they sit down. If they’ve gotten through the secretary sitting at the front door, then I know they mean business, and I know their case is worth my time. This doesn’t always mean it has to be a man with a nice suit, either. Not every case that is worth my time is one that pays well. I spend time working on cases that mean a lot to me as well. All I’m saying is if they got through my people to see me, then I know they’re worth my time.

If I can’t impress the client who’s worth my time, then I’m not good at what I do. I’ll bring in a few of the lawyers that I know are around the office, but sometimes that’s not necessary. Sometimes all I need to do is mention where the lawyers on my bench went to school. It doesn’t take much to convince clients after they hear me talking about graduates from some of the best law schools in the nation up for grabs to work on their case.

There’s nothing wrong with dropping a name either. You might feel like recruiting lesser qualified lawyers because you feel bad for people who didn’t have a chance to go to one of the better places to study. That’s fine to do as well. If those lawyers you recruit are pulling their weight and winning cases, then I say you should pay them well and talk them up too. But when you have an ace up your sleeve, don’t be afraid to play the card.

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