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UK Spouse Visa: What to know

UK Spouse Visa: What to know

Have you always wished and prayed to reunite with your husband, civil partner in the UK and live happily ever after? You’re just in the right place! The cheap Spouse Visa application service has been designed for you to bring in your partner with ease. You have absolutely nothing to worry or fear because we will have our caseworkers, expert immigration professional, experienced barristers and solicitors ready at different points to help you through each legal process, and in the end make a beautiful case for you.

What does UK Spouse Visa mean exactly?

If you’ve been able to secure a permanent leave to reside in the UK or you’re a British citizen who has a partner residing in another country, your best choice is to consider the UK Spouse Visa to give your spouse, civil partner or husband the chance to travel over and reside with you. Sometimes referred to as a UK Settlement Visa, the Spouse Visa if successfully secured gives your partner the opportunity to reside with you in the UK and enjoy quality time together again. The good news is that you can also apply for this Visa on your kids’ behalf if you’re taking one for your spouse too. Wouldn’t you wish to take the chance to live as a family again?

What’s my eligibility status?

It’s highly important that you go through the necessary requirement and confirm if you’re eligible before applying for a UK Spouse Visa. Some of the requirements include having a stable income, being of the minimum required age and command great use of English words (fluency). The eligibility assessment tool is available online free of charge for you to check your status and get right to the process immediately.

What are the income requirements?

You’re required to earn not less than £18,000 on a yearly basis before your application can be approved to be a sponsor for your partner. In the case where you want to bring in your partner and the kids, you must be earning at least £22,000 annually. However, in some cases, there are exemptions in the requirements, but that would only come in after you might have used the eligibility tool to know your standing before putting a call through to us for assistance.

Does the Visa Application take time?

Once our team receives your filled questionnaire, a specialist will be assigned to commence work on the application. You have nothing to worry about because our caseworkers have gone through months and years of rigorous training, so handling an application like yours will not be a problem.

Expect a swift and professional service from Swift Immigration

We take pride in the services we offer within the specified timeframe, so you can stay confident that you’re going to be meeting with your partner as soon as possible. Stay expectant and trust Swift Immigration with the process.

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