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No matter what your job is, there is always a possibility you could get injured because let’s face it, we are all human. True, there are professions that put you at a greater risk to suffering work related injuries. Regardless of the difficulty or ease of your job, none of us are immune to human error.


To give an example, we have shared a list of bizarre workers compensation claims that have been made and surprisingly successful when it came to asking for compensation. Tune in and take notes because these are in all caps, BIZARRE. Not all of the claims even appear to be workers comp related but they made it through the system and each individual was compensated for their injuries.


  1. In 2007, an Australian staying as a guest in a hotel sued the owners after hitting herself in the face with a lamp she ripped off from the wall. This claim was rejected but appealed with the fact that the hotel was responsible for all activities that took place as they had rented out the room.
  2. A 90 year old man broke his hip shaking a vending machine trying to loosen the bag of chips he recently purchased. He won this case with the argument that he was getting those chips his co-worker who was seeking personal comfort.
  3. A woman had claimed her home as a work environment as she was a decorator for J.C. Penny. While walking to her garage to grab fabric samples she tripped over her dog and broke her wrist. She was awarded workers compensation.
  4. A man worked as a bear feeder at a zoo. He made the decision to come to work high on weed. While working incoherent, the man was severely injured by the grizzly bear and was awarded $65,000 to cover medical expenses.

The similarity between all of the examples listed above are:

  • Each person made huge mistakes based off human error and stupidity.
  • Each person received a generous amount of compensation for their faults.
  • Each person had a damn good attorney.

According to the examples shared above you are probably thinking if you ever find yourself in a predicament due to your own human error, why not try for a claim? And we say why not! Medical treatment is super expensive 99% of the time. If you’ve been injured at work, or helping a friend at work in the state of Georgia, consider working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Cumming GA to pursue a claim under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. Contact Spillers Law Firm today to set up your free case evaluation.



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