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6 website design tips for attorneys

6 website design tips for attorneys

The world will always need lawyers, and someone somewhere is looking for the very best legal representation that they can find. That legal representation is you. But how do you ensure that your prospective clients make the right choice and find you? In this overly saturated market you really have to stand apart from your competitors and the best way do to this, is with a strong, informative website.

Unsure of where to begin? Read on for 6 website design tips for attorneys.

The information they need

The average user usually makes up their mind about a website within 8 seconds of landing on it. They’ll be looking for the information they need so they can make a decision about you and your business. Whether they’re looking for advice on family law or information on medical malpractice – for more information on Louisiana medical malpractice statute click the link – you need to ensure your website content is straight to the point, isn’t overloaded with jargon and ultimately, helpful.

Use your logo to your advantage

Your company logo should take pride of place on your website. It should be visible, whilst not taking attention away from other important pieces such as contact information etc. You want to create a sense of familiarity with your clients and getting them used to your company logo should evoke a confidence and assurance in your brand. That way, whether they see your logo online or offline, they know who you are and what you represent.

Use colours well

You need to stand out from the crowd and your company colours should help lead the way. Use them in the header or footer of your website, the buttons or your social media buttons. Try to reserve brighter colours for call to action points on your website, such as contact forms or other important pieces of information.

Get visible on Google

Your website might be the best one in the entire world, but if no one can find it that means very little. Start by registering your business on My Google and fill in the basic information about your firm including your business name, location, working hours etc. Once your business is verified by a code, then potential clients will be able to find you using a simple search. Such as Personal Injury Lawyers near me. Clients will also have the opportunity to leave reviews about your business, which in turn will give your listing plausibility and make you stand apart from your competitors.

Share testimonials on your site

To give your website and your business authenticity, it’s advisable to share your testimonials on your website. While it’s tempting to only show the most glittering, opt for a mixture of satisfied clients and those who have left glittering reviews. Simple and basic reviews make your business seem more realistic rather than a firm that has never had a basic review.

Display your achievements

If you specialise in a certain area of law, have published works or accreditations then you should include them in your website, they make you stand apart from others in your field!

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