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10 Tips that guide you to choose a perfect family Lawyer

10 Tips that guide you to choose a perfect family Lawyer

If you have experienced the trials related to a divorce, custody, support or other family law issues, you must know that searching and select the right lawyer to assist you and follow the deep channels of the family courts in UAE. Your most significant assets will be on the stack– your kids, financial matters and your own physical or psychological safety health. Therefore, it is very important to select the best Family Lawyer in UAE.

Top ten practical tips which can guide you toward the selection of an attorney are:

  1. Refer based Selection.

Try to ask people that you trust to advisor refer you to an experienced family lawyer in Dubai. It might be possible that a close friend or relative have been through similar problems.

  1. Consult with more than one person

This might add up your expenses at initial stages but you must visit at least two different attorneys to check the practices and different styles of attorneys in this field. Some of them will charge you for initial consultation however many will charge only if you hire them.

  1. Choose an attorney who is highly regarded

Try to hire the attorney which has a good reputation in the legal community. Consult other lawyers, judges or retired judges who can guide you in the best way.

  1. Work Experience

Try to hire an attorney who has limited all or a major portion of his career to deal with family law issues. e.g. in case you required a bypass, you would not desire a brain doctor to perform that task.

  1. 5. Recognize your weaknesses

Make a search and try to find who possesses the qualities that you lack in your personalities. In case you get failure then try to continue your search for a better option. Let’s take an example if you cannot bear emotional and psychological pressure from your spouse, try to find one attorney or legal counsel who should be able to detach from the emotional sensitivity. An attorney should appear to be cool, calm and collected. He must be aware of your needs and requirements.

  1. Supporting Staff

Ensure that your legal advisor has a supporting staff to convey competently info back and forth by maintaining it in a timely manner, in case your lawyer is absence.

  1. Emotional and sensitive Attorney

A Lawyer must appear to be sensitive to your emotional and financial needs and must be a good listener. This field of law will be overburden due to emotions. It is important that you can convey your emotional, financial and physical needs to your Lawyer attorney.

  1. Wage Payment

Ensure that you are willing to pay an hourly rate or initial retainer. You must be aware of hourly rates, whether the rates modified if they are required to conduct proceeding, and how you will be charged for expenses. you might want to collaborate with the primary attorney’s associate due to much affordable hourly rate.

  1. Review the attorney’s or billing practices

You should understand that you will be charged for the services rendered and no matter you can afford it or not. Majority attorneys have set their standard fee contracts in detail.


When everything is going in a wrong way then try to trust your senses to avoid further loss. Try to rely on your basic instincts.

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