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When You Should Consider Your Job Loss as Wrongful Termination?

Have you recently lost your job and are wondering what forced your employer to fire you? This question is pertinent if you consistently performed well and are also known for having good conduct.

You must know that it’s the responsibility of employers to respect their employees’ rights. Respecting employees’ rights becomes even more important if the situation indicates an impending job termination.

If you speak to an experienced Hartford wrongful termination attorney, you’ll know that the law doesn’t allow any employer to fire an employee on the basis of his or her identity or faith. That’s not all. There are several other factors that might make a termination wrongful. Read on to know about them.

Violation of Employment Contract for Sudden Termination 

Most top companies of the present era prefer having a contract when hiring a new employee. The clauses in the employment contract vary from one company to another. Employers are allowed to include as many rules and regulations as they want in the contract. While these contracts include rules that every employee is bound to follow, they also contain detailed information on the responsibilities of the employer.

One of the most crucial parts of these contracts is the termination clause section. This section includes rules that govern when and how the employer can terminate an employee. If your employer violates any of those rules while terminating you, you can consider the event as wrongful termination.

Termination for Revenge 

It’s high time that employers understand that they should never treat the workplace as a place for resentful retaliation. If an employer fires an employee because he/she did something adverse or negative towards the company or the management, the country’s law will consider the event as wrongful termination.

So, if you feel that you need to oppose the management of your company on a particular topic, do that without the fear of being fired. If the company decides to terminate you, you have the option of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Termination Resulting from Harassment  

If an employee reports harassment at the workplace, he or she shouldn’t face any retaliation. The employer must follow this rule even if it’s harassment by members of the management or the company’s owner.

Every individual should get the opportunity of working in a safe environment. So, reporting harassment can never be a ground for termination.

Termination Resulting from Workplace Discrimination 

This is one of the most serious issues both for the employer and the employees. Things turn worse if a judgment or prejudice causes loss of job for some. The federal law clearly states that employees should never be judged according to their age, gender, race, or religion. If you feel that you are terminated due to one or more of the above factors, speak to a wrongful termination attorney and take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit as soon as possible.

Final Words

You must remember that it’s not easy to deal with a life-changing event like a sudden job loss. So, whatever might be the cause of the termination, you should speak to your lawyer to ensure that it’s not a wrongful termination.


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