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The REAL Cost of Going to Court

How many times have you had something happen to you and the thought of suing someone come to mind? We have all been there. Crazy things happen all the time but when it comes to litigation costs, is it worth it to take someone to court?

We may all have flashes of time where we could right a wrong by going to court. Yet, how many of us know the average cost of litigation? Keep reading to find out more.

Litigation Costs

The average cost of civil litigation can vary depending on what you go to court for and how much time the lawyer spends on the case. While it is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on it, civil litigation can go over $100,000. This is a lot of money to think about when you consider planning to sue someone.

You have to think about the attorney fees you will have to pay. Good lawyers can make the difference in winning a case or losing one. After thinking everything through and knowing that civil litigation costs can be high, you will want to make a choice to be on a winning team.

Choosing a Lawyer

Knowing costs in civil litigation may vary and can be expensive, you will want the best lawyer you can afford. This is a big step and it is time to go big or go home. In other words, don’t try to be cheap and thumb through the internet for the least expensive attorney you see.

Ask friends for referrals and who they have used in the past. Word of mouth goes a long way and good lawyers have reputations that precede them. Remember, the best lawyers might cost you more money so be prepared to pay for their services.

Why It Costs So Much

Before you think the average cost of litigation is a ripoff, try to remember more goes into the costs than you may think. It is not only the lawyer fees that will be involved here. Court costs include filing fees, daily depositions, appeal fees, copy fees, and more.

It all adds up and the amount it takes might be less than the stated possibility of more than $100,000 but there is no guarantee. When you decide to go to court you have to be ready for the civil litigation costs.

Should You Do It?

If you wonder if you should take someone to court you have to consider the money you may spend. Do you have the financial means available? This is important because it is rare that civil litigation is cheap so if you go down this route you will need to have a conversation with your lawyer upfront to ask about litigation costs.

If you consult with an attorney and he thinks you have a great case and you can afford to pay the costs of litigation then it may be the path for you. It is important to think it through first to make sure you know what you are getting into. Follow us for more great tips like these!

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