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The best of the best: 4 ways to build you reputation as a lawyer

The best of the best: 4 ways to build you reputation as a lawyer

You’ve got the grades, you’ve got the experience, and you passed the bar with flying colours. There’s no denying that you have the solid foundations needed to build a strong reputation as a lawyer. But what else do you need to become the lawyer that anyone can turn to with confidence? We all want our names to quiver the confidence of those we oppose in the court room, so what else can we do to boost our reputation?

Whether you’re hoping to be the best accident attorney in Long Island, or the best family lawyer in Los Angeles, it’s going to take a lot of time, patience and these 4 additional steps to build your reputation as a successful lawyer.

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Your word is your bond

As a lawyer, if your clients cannot exclusively trust you, then you have no future in the law industry. Your word is your bond, so if you say you’re going to do something – no matter how minute or trivial – then you must do it and do it quicker than expected. As someone who practices the law, having a solid reputation as someone who follows through on everything they expect to deliver will carry you far within this cut-throat industry. Letting down your clients or peers, only plays into negative stereotypes that most lawyers detest, and your reputation will be in tatters.

Work on your body language

Shy, shifty and not looking people in the eye? You’re not going to build a reputation as a legal force to be reckoned with. Like many aspects of life, body language plays a strong part. You need to show your client and indeed the courtroom that you have authority, let them know that you deserve to be there and that your client chose the best lawyer for their case. You need to convey that you know exactly what you’re doing – so, declare yourself. If this is something you struggle with, then practice!

Dress to impress

It sounds trivial but looking and acting the part will certainly go a long way to help you secure a positive reputation. How would you feel if you were heading into court with a lawyer who couldn’t fasten a tie, was scruffy and looked as though they hadn’t slept for a week? Not very confident I’ll bet! Investing in your appearance will not only give your peers and your clients confidence in your abilities, but it will certainly make you feel the part too. Invest in some smart attire, get a haircut and polish that briefcase.

Beware of social media

We all groan and cringe at our old social media posts. And as someone who practices the law, anything that now seems immature or out of place, could have severe repercussions on your reputation. Go through your accounts and delete old posts that no longer reflect your views, photos that you’re tagged in that might not give off the right image and instead focus on creating a professional image online.

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