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Register a Malta Company to Enjoy Business Benefits 

Malta has several benefits to offer for entrepreneurs who want to set up a business on the island. You can register a Malta company in a simple process. Here are some reasons why you should start up a company in Malta.

Maltese Tax System

The Maltese tax system attracts entrepreneurs and investors. It requires the owners of Maltese companies to pay tax at a corporate rate of 35%. The refund system, however, allows shareholders to obtain a 6/7th refund on dividends.

Double Taxation Treaties 

Malta enjoys double taxation treaties with 70 countries from all across the world. These treaties offer protection from double taxation on the earnings from two states as well as a fortification against unnecessary foreign tax. 

Strategic Location 

Malta has a strategic location on the Mediterranean island. It lies between Africa and Europe and is one hour ahead of UTC. Thanks to Maltese international airport, accessing Malta is simple from Paris, London, Frankfurt, Cape Town, New York, Singapore, and many other countries. 

Quality Workforce 

The island of Malta offers lower-cost and a highly qualified workforce than other European countries. Living in Malta is almost 18 percent cheaper than its counterparts. This factor makes the cost of living, accommodation rent, and salaries more economical than other countries like Denmark, Ireland, and the UK. 

Membership of the European Union 

Being a member of the European Union, Malta has many fantastic benefits to offer. It includes vast potential markets, the currency & competitive laws, and free trade between member countries.


Malta is one of the English speaking countries. It makes it easy for entrepreneurs to do business with the rest of the world. Malta is also an attraction for many European Union citizens since they can benefit from a multilingual workforce available in the country.

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