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How to Sue Your Insurance Company and Win

The are several reasons one might want to sue an insurance company.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury and you’ve got personal injury coverage, your insurance provider ought to compensate you. If they reject your claim or want to settle for less, you have a reason to sue them.

Or your company has lost a lawsuit to a victim who was injured on your premises. You have liability coverage that should take care of the compensation, but your insurer is playing hardball.

Suing an insurance company can be intimidating. But we’re here to tell you how to sue an insurance company and win.

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Have a Good Reason for Suing an Insurance Company

Right off the bat, you need to know that suing an insurance company isn’t the hard part. The hard part is winning the case.

Insurance companies typically have well-staffed legal departments. These lawyers are always ready to take on any case that arises. Even the small insurance companies that don’t have in-house lawyers typically have access to a team of competent lawyers, usually on retainer.

On the surface, it looks like you don’t stand a chance when your case comes up against these lawyers. This can be true, but that’s only when you have a weak reason for suing the insurance company.

When you have a good reason for filing a lawsuit, you have already won half the battle.

In most cases, you’ll have a strong reason to sue when an insurance company denies your claim. When a company denies a claim, they’ll usually give a reason. If their reason doesn’t make sense to you or clearly violates the terms of the policy, you should sue.

Gather Strong Evidence

No case is won in a court of law without sufficient evidence.

As such, if you want to sue an insurance company and win, you need to gather evidence that can back up your claims.

The kind of evidence you need will depend on the nature of your case. If it’s a personal injury case, for instance, you need copies of the policy agreement you have with the insurance company. You need your medical report along with receipts for the medical bills.

Depending on the case, you might need expert testimony. This could be a doctor to testify about the nature of your injuries and the treatment you received.

Lawyer Up!

By far, this is the most important thing you can do when you want to sue an insurance company and win. The company already has a team of lawyers, so the least you can do is have at least one lawyer on your side.

A lawyer will take over everything associated with the case. They’ll gather evidence and prepare a rock-solid suit that can shake the insurance firm.

You just need to find the right lawyer for your case. If you were injured in a car accident, for instance, you need an auto accident lawyer. Car accident lawyer, Michael S. Lamonsoff, who has recovered more than $500 million for his clients, can help you sue an insurance company and win.

You Know How to Sue an Insurance Company, and Win!

There’s no doubt suing an insurance company is a big deal. You’re likely to come up against an army of lawyers who are paid to ensure your case ends in defeat. But with this guide, you now know how to sue an insurance company and win.

Go for it, and keep reading our blog for more tips.

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