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How To Ensure Your Insurance Claim Gets Approved

An insurance claim is a legal request by a policyholder to an insurance corporation for compensation for covered damage.

Even though accidents are rare, they are still part of life so having insurance is a necessity. Be it a burglary on a night you were away, an accident, or a sudden illness, you should always be ready to file your claim. Getting your insurance approved is a question multiple people ask but don’t have the answers to. Here are a few factors to consider based on the type of insurance you have.

Car Insurance Claims

After an accident has occurred, there are several procedures that occur,  and the focus dims difficult. Regardless, stay level headed, keep calm, and contact your insurance agent in the shortest period. Also, in case of any injuries, seek medical attention and get a comprehensive claims estimator to get fully compensated,

Submit the Papers in Time

To file a claim, you need to provide the insurance papers in proper order and on time. Communicate with your insurer in case you’re in a hospital and have them meet you there. If none of the two options are possible, have them sent by a courier service.

Call The Eyewitness

Do your research and find out who was present while the accident occurred, gather their information, and make sure to contact them personally. The damaged car and the pictures taken of the fatality surrounding act as proof in enhancing your possibilities of insurance approval, and they are instrumental in proving your claim.

Notify The Police

Notifying the authorities is essential in case of an incident with significant damage. The police have the duty to accumulate and collect all the crucial evidence which involves the tangible evidence and the witness statements, that will make your case strong.

Residence Insurance Claims

Do Not Omit Details From Your Insurer

However tiny the detail is, never fail to mention, and if you’ve made claims before, notify your insurer. Not disclosing such a matter can mess up your request entirely.

Install Home Security Systems

Do not wait until you are robbed to install security systems; safety first. From burglar alarms to closed-circuit television, make your home your haven. This heightens your chances of insurance approval.

And whenever you have doubts about anything, phone your insurer and have them cleared up.

Notify Your Insurer In case You Decide To Travel

If you plan on going for an extended vacation, contact your insurer, informing them you will be leaving your property unattended. This will help legitimize your claim in case something transpired at the time you were away. Furthermore, multiple property policies eliminate or reduce coverage’s whenever a property is uninhabited for a certain period.

Report Theft

With a well-documented police statement for burglary, your claim prevails a greater probability of getting approved.


Insurance claims approvals can be problematic in some scenarios. And this may be because of one not providing the right information or not following the right procedure. And that is why this piece is vital, follow it to the latter and you will have not have a problem.

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