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How Much a Car Accident Lawyer’s Services Will Cost You

How Much a Car Accident Lawyer’s Services Will Cost You

Getting a car accident injury might seem very costly. Aside from the damages and bills, you also need to hire a car accident lawyer to help you. If you have a valid claim against the driver at fault or an insurance company, hiring a lawyer is the best way to get the right compensation for your injuries.

You might be wondering if getting a car accident lawyer is possible with your current financial situation. You might also worry about what would happen if you’ve already paid your lawyer but you lost the case. Court claims and legal processes are expensive. Fortunately, most car injury attorneys often work under a contingency fee. This means that they don’t earn anything unless they win your case. The lawyer often takes a percentage from your settlement according to an initial agreement.

Retaining a lawyer from most law firms like the Khan Law Firm can increase your chances of winning your case. An auto accident lawyer’s services are usually charged through several arrangements. They are as follows:

Contingency Fee

Unlike the usual hourly rate for an attorney’s services, car accident lawyers can charge clients with a pure contingency fee. The lawyer does not get anything up front and will only get compensation if he wins the case.

He will offer to represent you in exchange for a fixed percentage from the amount you’ll receive after winning. The percentage will depend on the attorney or the firm, but most of them get one-third of your total compensation. The percentage will also depend on the state of your case. If the case is settled before the defendant was able to respond to your complaint in court, you pay the lawyer a lower percentage. If you lose, you don’t pay the attorney anything.

Contingency Fee Plus Retainer

Some car accident lawyers don’t rely plainly on contingency fees if you want them to handle your case. Others require you to pay a retainer fee once you agree to his offers. This fee is on a contingency basis.

If you win and receive full compensation, the retainer is subtracted from the agreed percentage that your lawyer takes once the representation is finished. If you do not win the case, the initial retainer will not be reimbursed. This type of arrangement is advantageous for both you and your attorney since it ensures that he will represent you at all times since they have already been paid initially.

Hourly Fee

A less common type of payment arrangement for car accident lawyers is the hourly fee. This is when an attorney only agrees to handle the case on an hourly basis. You will have to pay him for his hours of work, regardless of the outcome of the case.

Flat Fee

A flat fee is another uncommon type of arrangement for auto accident lawyers. Most lawyers and firms do not use this type of payment for car accident cases because the amount of work involved and the outcome is uncertain. There are some instances, however, when the case is simpler and the lawyer or firm would agree to a flat fee. An example is when they just have to write a demand letter for the other party involved.

Car accidents can be very complex and might require you to select an excellent auto accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters would sometimes persuade you not to get one due to the cost, but they often do this so they get a minimal settlement cost. It may be a bit costly, but it is important to have a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to inform you about what could happen to your case and how much compensation you deserve.

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