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Florida Injury Law on defective brakes

Florida Injury Law on defective brakes

If you have suffered an injury due to defective brakes in the wake of an accident you could be liable for compensation from the manufacturer, your dealer, a repair business or anyone responsible for completing maintenance on your vehicle. If you’ve been the victim of an accident due to defective brakes it’s important to start thinking about areas where you could have put your vehicle at risk in the state of Florida.

There are several parties that could be liable as it’s very unlikely that there is just one party responsible for defective brakes for the cause of an accident. A breach of your warranty, implied negligence on the part of your maintenance official or negligence on the person that sold you the vehicle could all be a causation for compensation.

As any car dealership or maintenance official will have to sign off that the car is in good working condition this gives the perfect form of evidence in a negligence case. Unless the vehicle is signed off as sold or serviced AS IS, the maintenance department or party responsible for sale will be directly responsible for the condition of that vehicle when it changes hands.

Defective products are admitted into any injury claims and state laws across Florida will ensure that if a defect is spotted in your brakes or there is a chance for negligence in the service of your vehicle, you could be responsible for some form of compensation.

In order to receive compensation you need to discover the defect and prove in a reasonable manner that it was responsible for the accident. If you need assistance in any form of faulty brake claim contact us today.

This post was written by J Stanford Morse, P.A. Stan is a personal injury lawyer at his practice. He has been practicing law for over 40 years and is St Pete’s trusted car accident attorney.

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