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Find the right solutions with the trust and litigation lawyer

Find the right solutions with the trust and litigation lawyer

Many people procrastinate regarding their estate planning needs. Nobody should do that. You need experienced estate planning attorneys to review your estate before the unexpected happens.

Many people have been caught by surprise by an unexpected death or an event they hadn’t planned, which made their estate liquidation more painful and expensive than it should have been. Proper estate planning with a team of experienced estate planning attorneys can avoid the pain of an unexpected tragedy. Experienced estate planning attorneys from barr& young attorneys will help you determine which estate planning documents best fit your wishes, needs, and circumstances.

What Happens To Your Property When You Go Without A Valid Will?

This discussion in this section assumes that your property is now owned by a valid Trust. Trusts are discussed in another section below.

When you die without having a valid will in effect, you are said to have died intestate. (“Intestate” means “without a Will”). In its “intestate succession” statute, barr& young attorneysLegislature has provided a distribution scheme that mandates who will pass the net property of a dead intestate. (“Net” property is property that remains after the deceased’s debts are paid).

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys Will Prepare Your Last Will and Testament Or Any Codicil

As it is just mentioned, you can completely avoid the effect of intestate probate status by executing a valid will. When you die with a valid will in force, it is said that you have died testated. (“Testate” means “with a will.”) Therefore, with your valid will, you can bequeath to whomever you want both (1) 100% of your share of the net community property (which is applicable only if you are married when you dies) and (2) 100% of your separate net property (which applies regardless of whether you are married when you die). There are many factors that must be taken into account to ensure that your will is considered by the probate court as “valid,” so it is best that you, as your estate planning attorneys, prepare your will for yourself.

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