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Be Aware of these Long-term DUI Consequences

Be Aware of these Long-term DUI Consequences

To Drive or Not to Drive

So, you were out with friends having a good time and had a few drinks. Now it’s time to go home. Suddenly, you are struck with the decision to make: Do you drive yourself home or call an Uber? You may think that you haven’t had enough to drink to impair you’re driving. However, even the smallest trace amount of alcohol in your system can cause you to fail a breath test, in the event that you are pulled over. Before you decide to throw it all away and drive home drunk, you may want to be aware of these long-term DUI consequences.

What are the most common DUI Consequences?

When you think of being convicted of a DUI, you usually think of losing your driver’s license for an amount of time, having to attend DUI classes, community services, paying a fine and or fees, your vehicle insurance could go up to an unaffordable rate and there is always jail time. Any or all of these DUI consequences could be a huge inconvenience to your everyday life.

Looking closer at each DUI consequence

Losing your driver’s license could have you relying on others to get around. If you are employed and drive to your job daily, you will have to find another way to commute back and forth to work. If you are required to attend DUI classes, they may not be in a very convenient location or even held at a time that is convenient for you. Causing you to miss out on work and lose money. Just so you can attend those classes for your DUI. Community service is always embarrassing. Having to stand on the side of the HWY and pick up and bag up trash as cars and truck fly past you. The fees and or fines could be more that you can afford and maybe you just don’t have any financial wiggle room to fit it in, without doing without something else. With vehicle insurance at an all-time high, chances are you really cannot afford to risk getting a higher rate of insurance. Jail time is never any fun. You aren’t free to live your life and do the things that you need to do on a daily basis.

Which do you choose?

After taking a closer look at each consequence that you can have from getting a DUI, you have to decide if it is worth it to you or not. You are the one that makes that final decision and gets behind the wheel knowing what you could be facing from the consequences of a DUI. How badly are you willing to inconvenience your life so that you can drive yourself home? The cost of an Uber will not be nearly as much as the possible fines and fees you could be looking at with a DUI. Now that you are aware of these consequences, which one will you choose? Will you drive or make that phone call to have someone come pick you up?

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