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A Dynamic Duo: Public Adjusters and Insurance Lawyers

A fire, earthquake, flood, or pipe burst can cause huge damage to your home. Not only do you have to start fresh, but having to deal with the insurance claim process for property damage can be stressful. But there is a way to make the process run smoothly and get your compensation sooner.

Public adjusters and insurance lawyers can help you make the insurance claim process simpler. If you get the right pair, you’ll be assured that you’ll get the maximum value worth of your claim.

Why Public Adjusters and Insurance Lawyers?

Public adjusters and insurance attorneys are two different professionals, but their work is almost related. You know that whenever a disaster strikes in your home, you’ll need your insurance to cover you for the damages. However, the insurance company is in business, and they’ll do everything possible to devalue your claim.

You need the public adjuster and the insurance attorney to ensure you get what you rightfully deserve. An insurance adjuster is a professional claims handler tasked with preparing insurance claims, estimating and evaluating insurance policies. They come up with the final figure after calculating the cost of repair and replacement of the damages.

An attorney does the same work as an adjuster to ensure you get what you deserve for the damages. The only difference is that an attorney can help with legal negotiation and file a lawsuit if the insurer doesn’t collaborate. So, an attorney continues the work of the adjuster in case the compensation isn’t fair.

How to Choose a Public Adjuster and Insurance Attorney for Your Insurance Claim

Every policyholder has to keep in mind several things when hiring a public adjuster and an insurance lawyer. Here are some of the details you must ensure are in order before you proceed.

Licensing and Certification

Whether you choose to work with an adjuster, a lawyer, or both, ensure they’re licensed. Make sure the adjuster shows you their public adjuster license. Sometimes you may get adjusters or lawyers that work under a firm; this means the firm will be liable in case of a problem.

The claim handlers should be qualified and permitted to do the job. They should be within your local area or affiliated with any local company. Don’t forget to check their record with the authorities because not all licensed professionals are clean.

Will They Handle the Claim Personally?

You need to understand whether the person you’re talking to will be the one to handle the claim. Sometimes you might even find yourself negotiating with a sales rep. Other times, they might send a different person to do the follow-up and a different one to estimate the claim.

It’s always a good idea to negotiate with the person who’ll handle the claim so that you have an understanding from the word go. Well, if you’re working with a claims company, seeing more than one person will not be bad. Sometimes things may get complicated, and the firm is forced to assign you a more experienced person.

Have Knowledge and Ability to Handle Claims

Sometimes dealing with insurance companies can be straightforward, and you wouldn’t need anyone to represent you. But at times, the process can too complex that you’ll not only need an adjuster but an attorney as well. When you choose to hire these professionals, they have to know what they’re dealing with.

Your adjuster and attorney should have expertise in dealing with complex and technical insurance matters. In case the settlement process gets out of hand, your attorney should be able to proceed with the court process without any problems.

Consider the Experience Levels

If you’re dealing with a complicated procedure, you might only want to work with an experienced claim handler. You need to interview your lawyer and the adjuster to understand the level of experience they have handling insurance cases.

You should know the number of years they’ve been practicing and the type of cases they’ve handled. Go to their website and find this kind of information. Sometimes the high numbers of cases is not a measure of experience, so you can as well look at how complicated their previous cases look.

Get Public Adjusters From Referrals

The best way to get an adjuster is to get referrals from your acquaintances that have worked with one before. A person who was satisfied with the work will have no problems recommending one. If you know no one, you can also consider checking online reviews to see what previous clients say about the adjuster.

Be bold enough to ask your claims adjuster for the contacts of their previous clients. All you need to find out is whether they deliver remarkable services and if the client had a good experience working with them.

Consider Professionalism and Sound Business Practices

A person with sound business practice is bound by the ethics and responsibility of their practice. A professional adjuster or attorney understands that their clients need high levels of integrity. They know how to handle and empathize with their clients, especially during stressful times of disaster.

You need to work with a person you can trust and hold a friendly conversation with. Your adjuster should be available to answer all your questions and hold your hand throughout the process. A trustworthy and communicative person is easy to work with.

Should Hire an Insurance Adjuster or a Lawyer?

Public adjusters and insurance lawyers do almost the same work in handling the claim process. But there are times when you may need one more than the other. Sometimes the adjuster may work up the necessary amount required for settlement, and both parties agree to it.

At other times, the insurance company may refuse to work with the amount proposed by the insurance adjuster. They may then fail to offer the desired settlement to the policyholder, and the case needs to go to court. When it gets to that, you need to hire an insurance lawyer.

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