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Over $668,000,000 in medical bill payments have been paid through workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina. These are payments made for the medical treatment of employees living and working in South Carolina.

If you’ve experienced an injury and need to file a claim, then you need to familiarize yourself with South Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws. While contacting an attorney is vital, you can begin educating yourself on your own.

This article will give you four key facts about the workers’ compensation law in South Carolina.

  1. Report Your Injury Right Away

Workers’ compensation laws in South Carolina give you 90 days to report your illness or injury. If you don’t do this, you may not be able to make a claim. Many employees make the mistake of thinking that their injury is minor, only to find out later that it’s more serious.

If you ignore the minor pain in the beginning, you may find yourself barred from making a claim later when the injury manifests after the 90-day deadline. Your other issue is the larger the gap between the incident and the claim filing; the more likely your claim will get denied.

  1. You Don’t Get to Choose Your Doctor

Unfortunately, injured workers in South Carolina must see a doctor that the insurance company chooses for you. While you can file for permission to see someone else or get a second opinion, these requests are often denied.

There are many reputable and skilled doctors that provide workers’ compensation medical care. However, some doctors allow the insurance company to influence the treatment they deliver to patients.

If you aren’t receiving the treatment you need, you’ll want to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in South Carolina. Your attorney will gather the facts of the incident, medical evidence, and help you fight for the treatment you need.

  1. You May Qualify for Total Disability

If your injury prevents you from working for more than seven days, you may qualify for full or partial disability. Full disability means you’ll receive 66 and 2/3 percent of your weekly wages. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission caps the total possible weekly payment each year.

  1. Most Claims Settle Out of Court

The thought of going to court can be daunting. However, the majority of claims are resolved without going to court or even having a formal hearing. When you work with an attorney, they can help guide you through the settlement and mediation process.

Your lawyer will gather the necessary evidence to ensure your claims gets approved for the compensation you need. They will also review the language of your settlement agreement to protect your future disability needs.

Learn the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Laws

If you are an employee in South Carolina, then you’ll want to get familiar with what to do if you get injured. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws can be confusing, and if you don’t follow the regulations exactly, your claim will get denied. That’s why it’s so important to contact an attorney to help you through the process.

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