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How to choose the right conveyancing solicitor

How to choose the right conveyancing solicitor

Buying or selling your house can be a stressful time, but there are certain steps you can take to ease the pressure.

Choosing the right conveyancer could be the first step to a smooth transaction. The Law Society operates a Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) for residential conveyancing firms, assuring credibility with both insurers and lenders as well as regulators.

Introduced eight years ago the scheme has helped to improve standards across the profession when it comes to residential conveyancing. The professional body has continually updated the CQS and Core Practice Management Standards were introduced earlier this year.

A minefield

The onus remains on the buyer or seller to choose a conveyancer and gather quotes to compare before making a choice. Although this may seem something of a minefield if you are new to property purchase, there are a few simple steps which can ease the process.

You may have friends who have recently moved house in the area and they may be able to make a recommendation. If you go for this option always make sure that the practice complies with CQS. The Law Society website will help you find a local list of conveyancers registered under the scheme.

You will want to use a local conveyancer whom you can visit and contact on a regular basis as the sale and purchase of the properties progresses. The estate agent you are dealing with may have a solid recommendation also.


Always remember that this is a professional relationship, and do not be tempted by reduced fees. You need to be able to trust your conveyancer to act swiftly on your behalf especially if you are involved in a property chain or if there is competition for the property you are trying to buy.

Always get conveyancing quotes and seek out the best deal. These can be found at sites such as conveyancing quotes.

Some firms may have a more senior partner dealing with conveyances and they will have a high hourly rate. Conveyancing can be time-consuming and you do not want to be paying for a senior conveyancer for a relatively straightforward purchase or sale.

Get written quotes from two or three firms and spend time speaking to your conveyancer. Remember that you are going to have to have a good relationship with them to ease the process.

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