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Why Mediation Works Before Filing For Divorce In The Court?

A divorce case is lengthy and stressful for both parties. It involves a tedious process that takes months and years to trudge through.  Having a long nasty court battle with thousands of dollars draining your account is undoubtedly a frustrating situation. Where divorce is a lengthy process, fortunately, mediation is the alternative for couples.

What Is Mediation? How Does It Work?
Mediation, in a divorce case, involves a mediator who assists couples in providing them with information about the legal system.  The mediator is legally bound to collect information, facts, and the basics of the case to study in detail.

In order to avoid taking the case to the court, the mediator clarifies the misunderstanding between the parties. The mediation process involves an impartial mediator who helps the parties come to an agreement which is favorable for them. They save you time and hard-earned money that you would have spent on the court proceedings for years.

divorce mediation in Westport helps couples to settle with an agreement that will resolve their issues. The process involves listening to facts and issues of both the parties and creating a divorce settlement agreement. This agreement is reviewed by the parties and duly signed after verifying the clauses they have agreed to.

However, a mediator cannot force the parties to accept any agreement. The choice is completely up to the couples whether to accept the agreement or not.

Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation:

Here are some reasons why couples should consider going to mediation before filing a divorce case in court.

It Is Less Expensive:
It is a known fact how troublesome and costly court proceedings are. The case filing fee, lawyer’s fee, litigation expenses, etc. add up quickly. On the other end, mediation cost is significantly cheaper than court expenses.

It Provides Amicable Solution:
It is better to settle with an amicable solution rather than a stressful court fight. Mediation calms the couples with a solution that will make both sides content.

Mediation Is A Fast Process:
Divorce cases take a long time to settle, sometimes even a year. You will find yourself entangled with the case leaving you frustrated throughout this time. Getting a mediator to resolve your disputes is a fast process.

It Is Less Painful Than The Court Battle:
The situation might turn hellish in the court because of long proceeding hours. It is extremely frustrating, leading to an increase in stress level. Sometimes, the case is dragged for more than a year by using defense tactics. Compared to mediation, it is just a few stages, consultation, and counseling. You reach a conclusion with an agreement.

It Settles Divorce Issues:
Misunderstandings between couples is a major reason for divorce. The mediation process works on finding a solution for those misleading facts and comes up with settlement terms. It resolves almost every divorce issue.

Choose an experienced mediator and save your relationship.

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