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7 Ways to Avoid Driving Drunk

7 Ways to Avoid Driving Drunk

We’ve all heard the popular slogans: drive sober or get pulled over, don’t be a statistic, buzzed driving is drunk driving, etc. The best one, though, is friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

Unfortunately, every 53 minutes, someone dies from a drunk driving accident. Not only could that be you, it could be someone you love. It’s important to not to drink and drive, because not only do you put yourself in danger, you also endanger everyone else around you.

Let’s take a look at 7 tips to avoid drunk driving at all costs.

Purchase your alcohol while sober

If you’ve already been drinking when you decide you need more alcohol for the night, you may feel tempted to get in your car and drive to the liquor store. Don’t do it. Purchase your alcohol during the day when you’re entirely sober.

Download Uber

Take time to set up an Uber account on your phone before a night of drinking. Download the app from the app store, and provide your credit card information so that if you need to request an Uber ride, you will be ready  to go.

Have a designated driver

Appoint a trustworthy friend in your group to be the designated driver. You can use either a straw pull to determine the DD or use the volunteer system. If no one steps up to be the DD, be the responsible one and do it yourself. Tait & Hall DUI Lawyers note that it’s better to miss out on a night of drinking than see you or one of your friends get seriously injured.

Exchange phone numbers

Everyone in the group, including the DD, should all exchange phone numbers in case you guys are separated at a party or bar. Furthermore, you want to make sure you all leave together.

Charge your phone

One of the worst things, when you’re out, is getting separated from your DD with no way to contact him/her.

Seize the keys

Not only does drunk driving put everyone else’s life in danger, it’s also illegal and you can be arrested for it and even lose your driver’s license.

It’s smart to have everyone who is not the DD place their car keys into a cup and store them away in a cabinet or closet. This way, nobody drinking has access to a car. The only person who should keep their car keys is the DD.

Do not let the DD drink

Make sure the DD does not drink. If he/she is responsible, however, he/she will not consume liquor in the first place.

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