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A Few Things You Should Know If You Are Arrested for a DUI in Alameda

A Few Things You Should Know If You Are Arrested for a DUI in Alameda

If you ever find yourself pulled over because you are suspected of being under the influence, there are a few things you should know right now. It may never happen to you because you don’t drink, but that will not necessarily  prevent you from being arrested. The following are just a few things to remember if you hear the dreaded sound of a squad car wanting you to pull over.

Cooperate  with the police officer

At least cooperate until you are placed under arrest. Be polite and show the officer your license, registration and proof of insurance. If you are told to step out of the car, then do so. At some point, if the officer suspects you of driving under the influence, you may be asked to submit to a field sobriety test. This is not something you should agree to. This type of test consists of various physical exercises you are asked to do, and then a police officer will decide whether you are intoxicated. The problem with this type of test is that it is entirely subjective. There is no benefit to you submitting to it.

A breathalyzer test

Under California law, you have given the state implied consent to test your blood alcohol level simply because you have been given a driver’s license. However, you are not required to to take this test until after your arrest. If you have been pulled over and are asked to take a breathalyzer test and you are confident you can pass it, then you might want to agree to take it in the field. However, if it is close and you think you might fail, it might be a better idea to wait until after your arrest to take it at the police station. The extra time may help lower you blood alcohol level a touch.

After your arrest

The most important thing to understand is that once you are arrested, you need to stay silent. Your rights will be read to you, and at that time you need to tell the officer that you wish to remain silent and want to speak to an attorney. There is no benefit to talking with a police officer after your arrest. You will only make the problem worse and more difficult for your attorney to help you.


Keeping the above information in mind, if you ever find yourself placed under arrest, remember to contact an alameda dui lawyer as soon as possible.

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