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This Is How to Hire the Best Disability Attorney

Nearly 53% of disability claims are denied. That is why you must hire a disability attorney to assist you with your case. A reputable disability lawyer can make all the difference in whether or not you are walking out empty-handed. With that being said, there are some things you need to know when hiring a disability attorney.

That is where we come in! We are going to show you just what you need to know before you hire a lawyer. So, let’s get started!

Reviews and References

A reputable disability attorney should gladly furnish references upon request. You can often find reviews on online platforms from previous clients as well. Be sure to ask for references before hiring a disability attorney. If the lawyer does not have references or is reluctant to give them to you, it could be a sign that they might not be good at what they do or they lack experience.


When you are dealing with disability claims, you must hire a lawyer that is an expert in the field. Social security and disability claims are tricky to navigate and can be quite different from other claims. Although you may have had success with a lawyer in the past, it does not mean they are the right fit for this type of case.

Look for an attorney who has handled a case that is similar to yours. Doing so will increase your chances of having a better outcome as they will experience handling cases like yours.

Stay Local

You will want to stay local when you hire a disability attorney. Going out of state poses complications such as issues with communication and accessibility. Take a look at the lawyers in your area and assess their track records before making a final commitment.

A local attorney will most likely have a good relationship with local medical professionals in the area. Additionally, if you are dealing with a disability, you will want someone that is close by so you will not have to deal with the stress of travel.

Understand Fees

When you are going through hiring a disability lawyer, you should ask about fees upfront. Many lawyers will have different types of fee structures to fit your needs. Some might offer a free consultation, while others may charge hourly rates.

In some cases, your lawyer might not get paid unless you get paid, or they may offer you a payment plan option. Either way, you must have a clear understanding of the fees before you proceed with hiring an attorney for your case.

How to Hire a Disability Attorney

These key points for hiring a disability attorney will save you the hassle of making the wrong choice. Keep this guide close, and you will have no issues finding the perfect lawyer for your needs!

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