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Qualities to Look For in an Accident Attorney

Qualities to Look For in an Accident Attorney

Being involved in an accident that causes personal injury is traumatic. In the case of an automobile accident, it’s hard to know what needs to be done to make sure you receive proper compensation for your injury. First, be sure to call the police. It’s important to have an accident report on hand no matter how small the amount of damage. Next, take pictures and don’t discuss the accident with the other person involved. Finally, call a personal injury lawyer. If you’ve never had to hire a personal injury lawyer, here are three qualities to look for when considering their services.

Free Consultation

First, make sure a Tampa accident attorney doesn’t charge you any money until they’ve given you a free consultation. This consultation isn’t a chance for you to get free legal advice, it’s a way to get to know the attorney to see if you want to hire them for their services. Be prepared for this free consultation by doing a little research beforehand and knowing some questions to ask them. A couple of example questions include how many accident cases they’ve done in the past year and what their legal plan would be for your particular type of case.

Education and Experience

As mentioned above, it’s important to do some research before hiring an accident attorney. You’re likely going to be paying quite a bit of money for their expertise so it’s okay for you to be picky. Find out what type of education they have obtained and how many years they have been practicing personal injury law. Another good idea is to ask friends and family members if they know a good personal injury lawyer. A good recommendation goes a long way when you’re going to be working with an attorney for a while.

Practice Areas

Obviously one of the most important factors when hiring an attorney is their practice area. You want to make sure that they’re experts in personal injury law. Check out the attorney’s website to see what areas they handle. Personal injury law is quite broad so if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle, car, commercial vehicle or pedestrian accident, it’s good to know that the attorney you hire is well-versed in your specific case.

Accidents are stressful and demanding as it is. The last thing you need to worry about is being properly compensated for your injuries. If you’re looking to hire an accident attorney, be sure to get a free consultation and research their education, experience and practice areas.

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