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 Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

 Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Have you just been issued with a notice of intended prosecution regarding a drunk-driving charge, or do you know someone who has around Minnesota? What you need is an experienced drunk driving solicitor who is highly rated in the field and has a high win rate to get you out of the mess and ensure you retain your driving license. Your driving privileges taken away from you are the last thing you want.

DUI lawyers offer advice at any time of the day on the steps to take when charged with drunk driving offenses. They are exemplary at building a solid defense and providing rebuttable evidence against that offered by the prosecution. They may do this by proving that the arrest process was flawed either procedure wise or problems arising from technical issues whose fault lies with the police.

The kind of DUI lawyers you need are those with a good track record and an exceptional success rate. A good DUI Lawyer works closely with pharmacologists and may prove that a breathalyzer was not accurate. They advise if one should make a guilty or not guilty plea. At times, pleading guilty early enough may show that one takes responsibility and is penitent. If one enters such a plea, a good drunk driving lawyer takes the right steps to ensure that one is not disqualified from driving and has a reduced shorter ban, which of course, is very reasonable.

At Leverson Budke, they do this by showing that you have turned on a new leaf and taken the right steps which reflect your remorsefulness by joining drunk driving rehabilitation. They also ensure that you get the best possible results from your situation by encouraging their clients to drafting apology letters and obtain a good character reference to show that you have reformed.

A good DUI lawyer will go a long way to prove that extenuating circumstances exist in your case. Cases of automatism may also be proved. Remember, drunk driving cases are criminal and for one to be found guilty of a criminal offense, mens rea, and actus reus needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. An automatism case may be established where actus reus is disproved by your lawywer showing that your driving at the moment was involuntary. Keep in mind that the burden of proof shifts to the defendant and your lawyer will always take advantage of this and get the best out of the chance. The ball is in their court, which means that good DUI lawyers know what steps to take when in such positions.

At times, one may be arrested and charged with a drinking and driving offense when they had not driven the car; they might seem to be drunk in charge, a good drunk driving lawyer will raise the issue of post-drive consumption to dismiss the alleged drunk in charge offense. Such lawyers may also prove duress or merely argue that the arrest took place on a private property contrary to what makes up the offense, driving in public.

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