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4 Tips For Finding The Right Legal Job Applicant

4 Tips For Finding The Right Legal Job Applicant

Once any job opening is posted, hiring managers are often flooded with letters and phone calls of interest. While the mass attention regarding the open position is certainly a good thing, it may be difficult to discern which of the numerous applicants would be best suited to bring in for an interview.

The inability to pick just one may be especially true with regard to legal jobs in Canada, as almost anyone with a legal background will deem themselves qualified. This serves only to increase the difficulty of finding the most viable candidate. Fortunately, there are many ways in which legal hiring managers can sift through the numerous applications and find the perfect match for the job. Here are 4 tips for finding the right legal job applicant for legal jobs in Canada.

1) Hire a legal recruiter to assist in finding the candidate you are after. By hiring a legal recruiter, you can rest easy knowing that your hiring needs are in the capable hands of a reputable firm who also specializes in finding candidates for this unique field. Recruiting also takes on a more personable approach to hiring by bringing back the human connection of hiring that is, frankly, an unspoken necessity in finding the best cultural fit for your legal team. It’s quite simple: to see what legal recruiters can do for your firm or business, just contact an agency in your city and talk to them about the nature of your current vacancy. Easy as that.

2) Utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may assist in reducing the pool of applicants. ATS works diligently to pick specific key words that are pre-selected by the hiring manager from all resumes, CV’s, cover letters, social media profiles, and job applications. This will help to narrow down the amount of applications you need to read, further giving you more of an opportunity to choose from the best group of candidates.

3) If you choose to hire a legal recruiter to find a candidate, interview software will further give you the edge you need in weeding through qualified candidates. Not only will it help you to track interview questions and answers, but it will also give you a platform to host video interviews if necessary. This all-in-one tool will store everything from each individual interview in an organized and streamlined manner that is sure to help you find the best of the best.

4) By posting the position on social media, you may be able to see the applicant’s social media profile and social media activity. This will help you to determine which applicant has networked with industry leaders, as well as their job history. This tip also works well if you choose to hire a legal recruiter.

Although hiring practices have changed along with innovation, by hiring a legal recruiter, utilizing available recruiting technologies, and with careful vetting, hiring managers will be able to filter applicants to a much smaller pool. This will help ensure the right person is hired for the right job, making it so both the legal team and chosen candidate are happy with the end result.

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