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Statute of Limitations in a Connecticut Personal Injury Case 

A statute of limitations is a personal injury case refers to how long the accident victim has to file their lawsuit against the wrongful party. The wrongful party is the person or entity who caused the accident such as a car accident. The statute of limitations is set by the state and may be different depending on the type of personal injury case. The term “personal injury” refers to a board list of various accidents that harms a victim and that they did not cause. These personal injury accidents include slip and fall, medical malpractice and vehicle accidents. Statute of limitations begins the...

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Accident Attorneys: Professionals for The Critical Moments of Life

Motorcycle accidents are those moments in life where they come unexpectedly. At those critical moments of an accident is when attention to detail is mandatory. Having insufficient representation for an automobile accident is crucial and it’s often the difference between receiving a favorable outcome or not. Accident attorneys are easy to find but the client must have a few requirements before hiring an attorney. Listed below are two such requirements. Lawyers abound, and professionals are everywhere. It is up to the individual involved in an accident to reach out and find a professional attorney to help litigate the court process...

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