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4 Considerations When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

There’s more to choosing a good personal injury attorney than simply jotting down a phone number that you found on a bus stop. You’ll need to be careful and deliberate with your decision, so here are four things to keep in mind as you consider all of your options. 1. Price First things first: How much can you afford to spend on an attorney? Some will charge you by the hour; others will ask for a percentage of whatever they recover from your case. Make sure that you talk about this before you sign any paperwork. Know what you’re...

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9 Ways an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

An Estate planning lawyer guides and helps you in selecting the right alternatives for keeping your property after departure or in the event of incapacity. A seasoned lawyer at Mitchell & Crunk seeks to fully understand your needs and goals concerning the upkeep of your property and other home and indicates ways to attain these fantasies. Aims differ from person to person. When some may want to involve their kids and relatives in the upkeep of the estate, others might not. You might choose to distribute your property and wealth in a particular manner but are oblivious of the...

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What Not to Do in a Custody Battle

Unfortunately, things have not turned out the way you expected. The “I dos” have been replaced with something like “I sue”, and now you are in the middle of a custody battle, trying to get the rights you deserve. Divorce is said to be one of the toughest moments in a person’s life, but fighting over custody is even harder. In order to ensure a favorable outcome for you, we have comprised a list of suggestions what not to do when trying to win the custody case. Avoid talking about the case In front of your children, that is....

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Tips for Avoiding Injuries on Your Property This Holiday Season

While you’re decorating your house and planning dinners and gatherings this holiday season, be sure you take measures to ensure none of your guests or visitors injure themselves while on your property. Besides avoiding a lawsuit, preventative measures are also good for those going through a recent divorce and share custody of kids. Being proactive keeps kids safe in a new home and courts happy. Keep these tips in mind to make your residence safe. Keep Walkways and Driveways Clear Slips and falls are common when pathways are covered in ice. Even if you aren’t expecting company, keep your...

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What States Require Sexual Harassment Training?  

The #MeToo movement and the stories of women and men who have been sexually harassed or assaulted have brought sexual harassment into the spotlight. The hope is that we as a society can begin to reform the way that we act towards each other. One of the responses made by companies and organizations in the face of this revolution has been to implement sexual harassment training programs into their workplace education. However, not all states require mandatory sexual harassment training and these mandatory sexual harassment training policies and classes may still not get to the root of the problem....

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