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Author: Brandon E. Spires

Everything You Need to Know About Railroad Retirement Benefits

Approximately one-third of all Americans have not planned ahead for retirement and have no retirement savings. Railroad workers are in a better position than most thanks to the Railroad Retirement Board system. They pay into the system through payroll deductions that are matched with funds from their employers. Those funds coupled with credits from the months of service give railroad workers access to two tiers of benefits when they retire. Railroad retirement benefits are similar to Social Security but are unique to railroad workers. So if you’re wondering do railroad workers get benefits, they do. If you need legal help getting your benefits upon your railroad worker retirement, keep reading to find out how it works. Benefits At the end of last year, career railroad workers received an average age annuity of $3,645/month. The average for all retired railroad workers was $2910/month. Spouse benefits were an average of $1065/month. These numbers are significantly higher than Social Security benefits at $1460/month. Disabled workers received $3,145/month on average when they retired directly from the railroad industry. Tier I In addition to retirement benefits, Tier 1 pays disability benefits, occupational disability benefits for those who can still do some type of work, retirement benefits to spouses, and widow’s survivor and surviving children benefits in the event the employee parent/spouse has passed. Tier II This tier is set up like a private pension...

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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Divorce Attorneys

Filing for a divorce is never easy. Before you start yourself down that road, it’s important to surround yourself with a team you can trust. Otherwise, the process might become more difficult than anticipated. There are now over 74,600 family law and divorce lawyers employed throughout the US. When picking divorce attorneys for your own case, all that matters is finding the right one. Here are five factors to consider before you hire a divorce attorney. With these tips, you’ll find peace of mind you have the right lawyer at your side. Start your search with these five tips today. Experience Above all else, you’ll want to find a lawyer who has plenty of experience with divorces. There are many different specialties a lawyer might pursue. Choosing someone with a general focus could put you at a disadvantage. Instead, look for a lawyer who has spent years honing their skills as a divorce attorney. You can follow this link for more information. How long have they practiced law? How long have they specialized? Finding someone with the experience and expertise you need will put you at an advantage. Otherwise, you could end up picking divorce attorneys who lack the knowledge you need. References Once you have a short list of lawyers to choose from, head to your local bar association website. Make sure each lawyer is licensed to practice...

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How Does a Will Work? What is Probate? All You Need to Know

You’re an optimistic person and never think about death. But, after this last health scare, you’re starting to wonder about what would happen if you were to die! The baby boomer generation is starting to realize that they need to think about their afterlife legal needs. But, studies show that only 58% of boomers have their estate planning documents in place! But what is a last will and testament? How does a will work? What about probate? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about your estate planning in case you perish! What Is a Last Will and Testament? The first thing we should address is what a will is and what it does for you. A last will and testament is a legal document that establishes how someone wants their property and other assets to get distributed when they die. Your will identifies any beneficiaries, and it details what each person receives. When completed, give a copy of the will to the executor or your attorney to hold until you die. How Does a Will Work? To make a will, you need to name one or more people who will receive your property and assets. The will must also state that you want to make a last will by signing the document. There are many forms and sections needed to have a complete legal will and...

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5 Major Steps to Take After a Minor Car Accident

If you have had a minor car accident, it may often be referred to as a fender bender. This is when you have a crash, and nobody gets injured. While the situation could be a lot worse, a minor car accident is still serious, and you should treat it as such. You will need to report the incident to the police, and you will have to deal with your insurance company. When you have a minor car crash, it can be hard to know what you should do. You may be in a state of shock or panic. So, what should you do when you are in a fender bender? In this article, we’ll talk you through the five steps that you should take after having a minor car accident. Make Sure Nobody Is Hurt The first thing that you should do is to check that everyone is safe and uninjured. Just because you are not hurt, it doesn’t mean that nobody else will be. Check the other car and make sure no pedestrians have been affected. Pay particular attention to the head, back, neck, and legs. Call 911 if anyone has been injured. Some minor car accident injuries may be slow to materialize. You may be in shock, and this might override any pain. You should get checked out by a doctor at the earliest opportunity. Exchange Details...

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This Is How to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the most important ways to protect your personal rights is to hire a lawyer. If you’re currently being charged with a crime, it can be challenging to find the right lawyer and understand whether you need a lawyer. To help you prepare for these situations, we’ve broken down everything you need to know when it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer. How to Know if You Need a Lawyer If you’re charged with a criminal crime, it’s often you versus the State. It’s up to the State to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors have access to a lot of resources that the average citizen doesn’t. Without a well-trained lawyer, this will be hard to defend against. Though the Court will appoint you a lawyer if you can’t afford one, court-appointed lawyers are often swamped with caseloads. This results in less time and attention focused on your case. Hiring a personal attorney increases the likelihood that your lawyer will be more reachable and attentive to your case. All these factors are crucial to beating your charges. Choose Someone With Experience in Criminal Law When researching criminal defense attorneys, you’ll want to make sure that they specialize in criminal law. It should say this somewhere on their website. This proves that the attorney has practiced in the criminal law setting before. You don’t want to...

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